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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Thank you cookies

After many years of hard work in High School, a long college application process, uncertainty and prayer, little by little everything is coming to place!

I would  like to make these thank you cookies, for so many people near and far that help us through this college search and application process for our daughter, that I think my neighborhood super market will run out of butter : ) JK. 

 My husband and I went to the University in Mexico, and we are not familiar with all the process and requirements that our daughter will need to be able to go to college here in America.  So we had to ask for a lot of help.  She had the most talented and lovely teachers she could ever had, and help us a lot during this process, they were always willing to write her numerous letters of recommendation and their support and advices will remain in her forever.  

For my husband and I, her education has always been a priority and we have try that she can attend to the best schools that we can afford, that she can cultivate her artistic side, with music, painting or dancing ballet and most of all that she can learn about her religion and live her faith in all her aspects of her life. 

For this occasion I will share how I did some Thank you cookies for her teachers and  school's counselors.  Without their help, mi nenita, wouldn't be accepted to the University of her dreams. 

For each letter I made a little design, that you can change upon your choice.  

For this cookies you will need:

1)  Letters cookie cutters
2)  Favorite cookie dough, click here
3)  Royal icing, click here
4)  Food coloring
5)  Edible markers 
6)  Sprinkles and edible glitter 
7)  Tooth picks
8)  Pastry bags, couplers and decorating tips
9) Parchment paper and baking trays


1) Cookie letters are always a little bit tricky, they are not so easy to cut out, so the temperature of your cookie dough is crucial.  I find out that certain cut out cookies come out nicer when the cookie dough has been in in the fridge for 10 + hours, and the letters is one of them.

2)  Line you baking trays with parchment paper and place the cookie cut outs on it and bake at 350º F for 13 min and let them cool. 

3)   Using medium consistency icing, outline the letters in a contrasting color and flood your cookies with natural or light ivory tinted icing and let them dry.

4)  With outline consistency icing in the color of your choice and in a piping bag, trace the figures as shown in the photos bellow.  You can add different school related figures as you like.

5)  Using flooding icing fill up the outlined figures and let them dry.   You can add several sprinkles or glitter as you desire.  

6)  When the cookies are completely dry, you can write down messages using your edible markers. 

For this cookies the presentation will be a very nice touch,  I put some of them in a cello bag, some others in a clear box and the one that I like the most, was placing the cookies in a tie gift box, click here from the container store, the "Thanks" cookies fit in there perfectly!

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