Thursday, February 23, 2017

Beauty and the beast cookies

We can wait to see the new production of Beauty and the Beast movie, this movie has been my daughter's favorite princess movie and was always a favorite on our road trips.  

I wanted to make a Beauty and the Beast cookie set
inspired on the movie, there are so many characters and there is a lot of inspiration that I did not know where to start.  Like all the characters are so intricate, I was a little afraid to start and  I decided to make the Belle and the Beast cookie
with silhouettes, lots of gold icing and gold luster dust.

You always have to remember that your cookies will be eaten and have in mind to whom you will be decorating the cookies for, if your cookies are for a wedding  you can spent more time in decorating them, but if it is a kid's birthday party... you will be sorry looking at the kiddos eating your cookies in a BITE! So I recommend not to spent too much time in the decorating stage, you can spent more time in making a delicious cookie. 

Here is the whole cookie set, hope you find my cookies inspiring. 

For the mirror I started with the center of the cookie and used some silver spray. I used gold luster for the rest of the cookie. 

One of my favorite scenes of the movie is when Belle is in the library, I want one of those bookcases in my house!!
Love the book cookie, it is so easy, I used edible markers and then add some details with gold and black firm icing.
 Lumiere is really simple, as you can see. 

Don't let me started with this cookie!!! I LOVE Chip and Mrs. Potts cookies!!! I wanted to design this cookie inspired in a real china cookie set, I used edible markers and gold luster dust, LOVE IT!!!

These couple are my favorite!!!

To make the magic rose I used a birth cage cookie cutter. I know it could look better, I will try to make it again with a best finish. 

For the clock and the wardrobe, I used a tomb cookie cutter. 

Hopefully this post will inspire you and please tag my blog if you used some of my inspirations.  

Monday, February 13, 2017

Sweet Valentine's cookies

I have been posting Valentine's cookies every day since February first, well almost every day and I haven't realized how many valentine's cookies designs I have made through the years!

My costumers are a very important part of my business and I am very thankful for all their inspirations and ideas that keeps me motivated to make original cookie designs. 

I recently made some heart and candies cookies
for a Valentine's Day party and here are some pictures for you. 

Tinting red icing always has been a challenge for me, I remember one of my first orders were some red apples and it was so hard to have an even bright red icing. 

Sometimes when you do not mix very well your icing using red food coloring when your cookies dry they may have some darker spots and this will not look very nice.

The quality and the expiration date of your food coloring is something that you' ll have to pay a lot of attention to. 

Some of my favorite brands of gel colors are Chefmasters, Atheco  and Americolor. I love Tulipan red from Chefmasters and the Red Red from Atheco. 

But my secret to achieve a very nice even bright red flooding  icing is to tint firm icing with equal parts of Americolor Deep Pink and  Atheco Red Red, and then when the shade of red is right for you, then adding water to thin out the icing. 

I posted some videos on how to decorate some of these cookies on my Instagram, you can check them out. 

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