Friday, January 23, 2015

Quilted Chocolate Box Cookie Tutorial

This is a super cute cookie idea that I found a while ago in a  website browsing  for some images to design my blog, and felt in love with it. 

At fancy flours, an online bakery shop, they shared a tutorial on how to do quilted cookie and I used the same technique for this design.  

For this design you will need:


*  Foolproof cookie recipe, CLICK HERE
*  Firm Royal Icing
*  Americolor in brown chocolate, fuchsia, pink, magenta,     white and red.
*  Squeezable bottles and decorating tips #1, #2 and #3
*  Ruller and edible markers
*  White edible pearls
*  Mini silver sprinkles
*  Ribbon (opcional)



1.- Bake your cookie and let it cool, using edible markers divide your cookie in 6 small squares as it shown in the picture  bellow.  

You can make the squares smaller if you want it.  The most important step in decorating this cookie is pour the icing in alternated squares and let them dry, before you fill out the other squares. 

2.-  Prepare flooding consistency icing, tinted with Americolor   in fuchsia and pour it on the squeezable bottle and start filling out the squares as it shown in the picture bellow and let it dry about 10 minutes.

Then fill out the other squares, let them dry  for a couple of minutes and then put the little pearls in each intersection.

You can put a bow as I did if you want or you can leave it plain. 


1.-  Flood you cookie with a light pink icing and let it dry.

2.-  Prepare flooding consistency icing and tinted some in different shades of brown, white, fuchsia and magenta. 
Pour them into squeezable bottles. 

3.-  Make the little chocolates in different shapes and sizes, you can  decorate them with the magenta and fuchsia icings and add some sprinkles if you want and let them dry. 

I really like how it looks just like this, but as I love to add sprinkles to all my cookies I add some silver sprinkles around each chocolate and it looks like the foil paper cups from the chocolate boxes. 

I hope this cookie inspire you to start baking for Valentine's day cookies and remember that life is just like a box of chocolates, you do not know what you are going to get until you try. 

Have a lovely weekend!!

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