Thursday, December 18, 2014

Corona de Navidad...perfecta para el pequeño regalillo que estas buscando

El dia que descubrí los mini cortadores de galletas me enamore de ellos y he estado haciendo muchas cositas con ellos.  

Las mini galletas se has puesto mucho de moda y a la gente les gusta mucho. 

Les comparto como hice esta corona de Navidad usando unas mini galletas que me sobraron de un set de galletas de Calendario de Adviento.

Para ello necesitaras lo siguiente:

*  Masa para galletas, click aqui 

*  Cortador en forma de circulo de 5.5 in, 3 in  y 1 in de diámetro
*  Mini cortadores en forma de calcetín, Mono de nieve, Santa claus y angelito.  ( Puedes usar las figuras que tengas a la mano)

*  Royal icing de consistencia fluida. Para la receta completa, click aquí 

*  Americolor en color electric green, forest green, red, electric orange, turquoise, electric yellow and black.

*  Marcadores comestibles


1.-  Cuando tengas lista tu masa de galletas, extenderla con el rodillo y cortar un circulo usando el cortador grande y ponerlos sobre tu charola de hornear, luego cortar otro circulo mas pequeño, para que te quede una galleta en forma de corona.

Cortar las mini galletas y hornearlas a 350 F por 10-13 min.

2.-  Preparar el royal icing en los colores que vas a utilizar y decorar las mini galletas y dejarlas secar por 5-6 horas.

3.-  Preparar royal icing color verde usando partes iguales de color electric green y forest green.  Rellenar la corona y dejar secar por 5 minutos y luego poner las mini galletas sobre la corona, dejando un espacio en la parte superior de la galleta y dejar secar. 

4.-  Cuando la galleta este seca completamente poner un listón en la parte de arriba para poder colgarla.

No se te olvide que la presentación de un regalillo es lo mas importante, me gusta poner las galletas en cajas de acrílico transparentes y poner un listón bonito.

La galleta del Niñito Jesús es mi favorita y tiene que estar al centro pues es El la razón de celebrar la Navidad!!

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

DIY Gingerbread cookie banner

I can't believe that Christmas is just few days away!!

I wish my days can be longer so I can have time to make a post everyday, I have so much cookies I want to share with you, but not enough time.

So less talk and more action... I am in love with the edible lace, and very surprise on how easy is to work with it.  I am sharing with you how I make a gingerbread cookie banner, I know it sounds a little bit complicated but it is really easy to do, if you can't but the banner, you can make a hole in the top of the cookies and put a string and you can make your own banner or use them as ornaments.

You will need:

*  Gingerbread cookies with a twist recipe, click here
*  Gingerbread boy cookie cutter
* Heart cookie cutter
*  Little house cookie cutter
*  Cloves
*  Maraschino cherries
*  Lace ( like you are not going to eat these cookies, you can use any kind of lace, it does not need to be edible ; ) 
*  Wood stick
* CK Artisan clear scripting gel ( AWESOME!!)
*  Banner set (I bought mine at target)
*  Silicon


1)  Make your cookie dough following the instructions here.

2)  Cut out your cookies and transfer them to the baking sheet and using the wood stick make a hole on the top of the cookies, paying attention that the stick goes all the way through the cookie. 

3.-  Cut little pieces of cherries and use them as cheeks and the cloves as eyes.

4.-  Bake the cookies at 350 F for 10-13 minutes, and let them cool.

4.-  Bake the cookies at 350 F for 10-13 minutes, and let them cool.

5.-  Using the artisan gel as a glue, put the lace on the top of the cookies and let it dry.  

You can cut the edible lace as a regular lace, and make any designs you want. 

6.-  I use a silicon gun to glue the cookie to the banner and let it dry. 

I hung it in the dinning room wall, I love how it looks!!

I hope you are enjoying this days with your family and friends, I will post some more Christmas cookies very soon!!

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lace Applique cookies for my beautiful ballerina

Every time I see my daughter dancing, my heart beats of joy and It is true that hard work and dedication is always paid off, she has become such a great dancer and I can not be more proud of her, she has overcome a lot of situations believing in herself and following her dreams!!

She has grown up as a dancer  and for her first time she wear a TUTU and dance as a demi-flower in the waltz of flowers in the nutcracker, she also dance as a snowflake and I made some cookies inspired  in that dance too. 

You should imagine how excited we are!!!  She danced so  beautiful and  very gracefully...she really looked like a flower.. and  I think her greater satisfaction was when some girls ask her for her autograph, we were so thrill!!  The girls looked at her with such a great admiration, I think that is the best thing for an artist!!!  

I am sharing the cookies that I decorate inspired in her and her tutu.

Few years ago I saw in a baking shop some cakes decorated with edible lace, I felt in love with the look, and  recently I started to learn how to make edible  using a cake lace mix and like the tutu has some lace on it, I used some to decorate the cookies. 

This lace is made with a special mixture, you bake it and when is done, it is like a real lace, it is very flexible and very easy to work with. 

I started flooding the cookie and when it was a little dry, I put on the lace appliqué and let it dry. 

When it was completely dry, I add some more details, like little flowers made with firm royal icing and adding my signature touch, mini sprinkles!!!

I also made a ballerina cookie !!

and make some other cookies like the ones Sweet Sugarl Belle shared on her blog. 

And as a "Merde" gift I made some cookies Inspired in the tutorial from  The Sweet Adventures of Sugarl Belle bowing ballerinas, they are so adorable, and super easy to make and handle perfect for "merde" little gifts!!

I used lace and mini sprinkles to decorate the cookies too!!

Remember that you always have to add your personal touch to your cookies!!!

I hope you like this cute ideas inspired in beautiful ballerinas!!

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