Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DIY gingerbread house

I shared with you the recipe of the gingerbread cookies using speculoos spice to give it a twist to the traditional recipe, few weeks ago. I hope that you have had the chance to practice it and now you are ready to design and build your gingerbread house

I did not grow up with this tradition at home, but I remember reading the story of the "gingerbread boy" and Hansel and Gretel and always dream about Candy houses...they are just to pretty!! 

 I am sharing how fun it is to build this sweet treat with your kids. My daughter and I always want it to make one from scratch.

This activity can take a few days to finish , so it is great to make it during a school break, snow days, or during Christmas Holidays.

For this project you will need:

* Gingerbread cookies with a twist recipe, click here
*  Gingerbread house cookie cutter 
*  Firm royal icing, click here
*  Pastry bag, coupler and decorating tip # 2 and 3
*  Assorted sprinkles
*  Gummies and  mini chewy sweetarts
*  Coffee filters
*  Baking trays 
*  Cooling raks

  Before  making the trip to the super market to purchase all what you will need, you can ask your kids to design the house and make a sketch  (My girl, loved this part).  So you can plan what kind of candies and sprinkles you are going to  need.  Besides this step get the kids very excited!!

This is one of the sketches  that my daughter made. 

We didn't put the pine tree and the candy canes, at the end we liked the way it look without them.


1.-  Make your cookie dough and put it in the freezer for 30 minutes or so. 

2.-  Roll out the cookie dough using a cookie dough circle of 1/4 in, you need to make your cookies thinner than normal because these cookies are a little heavy and this can cause you trouble when building the house.

3.-   Line up your baking tray with parchment paper and Bake the cookie at 350 F for 10-13 minutes and relax a little bit an enjoy the smell in your kitchen.....

4.-  Let the cookies cool.

5.-  Prepare firm royal icing and prepare a pastry bag with tip #3 and set it aside in an air tight container. 

6.-  Now that  you have your design ready is time to have some fun.  You have to decorate all the pieces and let them dry  before you put together all the pieces.

7.-  To make the snow on the roof you can use mini white nonpareils or silver sanding sugar, and pour it over the royal icing right away.

8.- Using the royal icing as glue start putting all the sprinkles and candies and let them dry for 4-6 hours. 

You have to be sure that the icing is dry, before picking up the cookies if not all the sprinkles and candies, will fell down.

Most Supermarkets have a  candy section, look for the small packages and less expensive ones,  this are perfect for this kind of projects.

9.-  When everything is dry, you can start putting the pieces together, starting with the back part of the house and one side.

Next the front of the house, the other side  and let them dry.  

You can use anything to support the walls and keep in place meanwhile the icing dry, be PATIENT!!! This is the hardest part....You can ask your husband for help in this part.

When those pieces are glue together you can put the roof, put some icing in one side of the front part and in one side of the back part of the house, as it shows in the picture, and place the roof over it and let it dry.

Repeat the same thing for the other side and let it dry.  I use some ramekins to support the roof pieces, they slip very easy, so you have to hold them in place for some minutes. 

As you see in the top picture there is an opening in the middle of the roof... no worries...royal icing and sprinkles can FIX EVERYTHING!!!

I really love how this little  gingerbread house looks, it really looks like he picture don't you think??

We had so much fun building the little house, although I had to make another batch of the recipe, we couldn't resist the temptation to eat some cookie, they are really, really, really DELICIOUS!!!

You can place an electric candle inside and use it as a lamp or nightlight in your kitchen. 

Now I can erase "Build a Gingerbread house with my daughter" on my bucket list. 

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Melting Witch Decorated Cookie

For this fun halloween decorated cookie
 you will need the next ingredients and materials.

* 4-5 in circle cookie
* Square marshmallow
* ice cream cone
*  Maria Cookie
*  Royal icing
*  Americolor in black, electric green and avocado
* Royal icing eyes
*  Circle cutter


1.-  Cut out your cookie, bake it and let it cool. Here is the link for the recipe I used, HERE

2.-  Prepare fluid royal icing.Click here

3.-  For the green royal icing you need to add equal parts of avocado green and electric green Americolor food coloring, mix it and put it in a seal tight container. 

4.-  Tinted some black royal icing and put it in a seal tight container too. 

5.-  Break down the ice cream cone and just use the bottom part, like 2.5 in tall. 

6.-  Cut out a marshmallow circle using a cookie cutter. 

7.-  Flood the circle cookie cutter with black icing (1) and then dip the marshmallow in the green icing a put it over the flooded cookie; repeat the same thing with the maria cookie (2) and the ice cream cone (3) and place them one over the other as it shows in the collage.

8.-  Using the wet on wet technique ( Click here )put some lines of the green icing over the cookie as show in the pictures, let it dry for 5 minutes.

9.-  Put the eyes, the nose and the hands (4)

You can add some more fun to the cookie if you want, like a ruffle on the hat.

I really like this cookie, is fun and I bet the kids and the grown ups will enjoy it as well!!!

I am MELTING!!!!!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Papel picado para el dia de los muertos

Una de las cosas que mas extraño de mi país son sus colores y sus artesanías. Cuando decoras con papel picado siempre das un toque festivo y muy alegre. 

Se me ocurrió hacer unas galletas que parezcan papel picado para acompañar unas galletas de calaveritas de azúcar para el día de muertos, espero te gusten.

Utilice un cortador de cuadro de 3 in para cortar las galletas y utilice la receta de galletas de limon. Puedes ver la receta en este link: RECETA

Prepare el royal icing tambien con un toque de jugo de limon para acentuar el sabor.  Click aqui para la receta completa del royal icing.

Dilui un poco de icing para rellenar las galletas y le puse unas gotas de Americolor blanco y las deje secar por 8 horas. 

Utilizando un marcador comestible negro y unos mini cortadores de calaverita, flor y calabaza trace las siluetas.

Con el mismo royal icing que utilice para hacer las calaveritas de azúcar ( Click Aqui) delinee el borde de las siluetas e hice de una manera libre las demás decoraciones, tratando de ser lo mas simétrico posible y deje secar.

Los colores que utilice fueron electric pink, electric green  y electric yellow, use gel de color de Americolor.

 Es una manera muy sencilla de decorar una galleta y sin embargo da mucho color, las puse en una charola junto con las calaveritas de azucar y algunos otros dulces y me encanto como se ve!!