Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Swan Lake Ballet, an inspiration for my cookies

It is inevitable that time passes, there are too many things that I want to do and many things that I HAVE TO DO, and definitely not enough time to accomplish them all. I have missed writing on my blog and sharing with you my cookie creations, but it has been hard for me to find the time. I have done a lot of new designs and can't wait to sit and blog about them.  post signature

I am so thankful that my daughter, has been helping me as my editor in most of my "English posts",  as you know my english is not my best asset and sometimes I can't find the words to express exactly what I want to tell you, so her help is really appreciated. She has been telling me that I should take some grammar classes, and I think I should do it; since all the grammar that I learned was when I was in Elementary school, and it has been quite a few decades ago, I think that it is time for me to take some serious english classes. 

I am inviting her again as a guest writer, she recently performed in the Swan Lake Ballet

and I made some decorated cookies
 for some of the dancers as a "Merde" gift

She will explain you how  important is been a leader in ballet and a little bit about her experience dancing in the Swan Lake Ballet. 

Hello! I will be talking about what it is like to show leadership in  ballet. As a senior dancer I represent the studio as a whole. Not only do the pre-ballerinas look up to me, but also those girls who are one level below. My teachers place a strong emphasis on setting a good example and being a good role model for others to look up to. Not only can the younger girls mirror a specific step or movement, but they will also mirror our character and artistry. A lot of times ballet is not about the sequence of the steps or the strongest technical abilities, but it is about how you express the story and how you reflect your own persona through the character you play.

This year we performed Swan Lake, definitely one of the best ballets ever! It is so beautiful to watch and I definitely enjoyed dancing as a swan and a princess. I think the swan part has been one of the most difficult, but rewarding corp pieces that I have ever performed. It is extremely tiring and what surprised me was the the amount of pain that can be felt when standing on the sidelines, holding a pose, sweat running down your face, pretending to not have a care in the world, for about 5 minutes. I know it does not seem like a long time, but trust me it is. On top of that, there is an extra pressure when being a senior dancer, because there are high expectations and in reality you are one of the leaders of the "flock." 

Being a princess was a bit different, but what made it special was the fact that I danced with some of the girls that were graduating. Of course, since it was their last show it was an emotional dance. I also enjoyed that it was more of a character piece. As the princess of Spain, I had to sell my sassy self in order to win the Prince over. I thought it was hilarious because the other three princesses and I had to compete for him with his actual girlfriend. Yet, he falls for none of us at the end and he ends up with the mysterious Queen of the Swans. Very dramatic, and to add to the drama the Prince and the Swan face a tragic death. For some reason the underlying theme for lovey dovey ballets is that if you fall in love with a complete stranger you end up dying. Tragic, but fun! 

Anyways, I loved playing the part of a sassy princess and a significant swan. What I loved most about the ballet was the fact that I could express myself with two totally different characters. I think that since I embraced the artistry of both parts, I did not have to worry much about the technicalities. I dedicated a lot of my time and effort in order to perform to the best of my abilities and I hope that my younger sister swans did mirror that dedication on their performances.

Thanks Anilu! It was a plesure watching you dancing and I am so proud of you, your dancing is so beautiful that makes my heart bounce like crazy!

For this show, I made these cookies as "Merde" gifts, I made some swans cookies

and some princesses cameo cookies using new cookie cutters that I bought on Etsy, and I love how the cookies turn out.  

You know, that I love to add sprinkles and everything else I can to accessorize my cookies, and for this time I add tiny pearls and mini white sprinkles to the swans. 

For the princesses cookies, I used the costumes as my inspirations, so I made them in different colors and add several kinds of sprinkles. 

As you may remember I always make emphasis on the presentation of your cookies, I found this cute blue bags on The container store and make the swans look so elegant. 

For the princesses I didn't have time to look for a special presentation, I just used a cello bag and a ribbon, I think they will look lovely in a see through box. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Cookies 2016

The warm weather is approaching us, and the manifestations of spring are everywhere around us. I must say that Spring here in The Woodlands, is one of my favorite seasons. All the trees are starting to grow their leaves in a beautiful array of greens, the wild flowers are beautiful, the birds delight us with their beautiful singing, the squirrels, bunnies, and deers are scattered about.

I am really glad that every year we have the chance to slow down our daily routine and concentrate in the most important part of my religion, which is the Passion, death, and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. I specially enjoyed learning more about God and growing closer to him. And also I am so happy that this year is the YEAR OF MERCY....the world is in so much need of Mercy and true Love. We have been so occupied in our lives that we do not take the time to really sit, relax, pray,  count our blessings, and demonstrate how much we love our friends and family. So this has been some of the things that have kept me busy and I haven't got the chance to bake cookies. 

But I did make some Easter cookies for one of my Etsy costumers, and I just love this collection that I made, I hope you like it!

I fell in love with theses colors and the cookie cutters that I bought last year at Williams Sonoma, I am not sure which one is my favorite... I think Mrs. Duck is the one!!

The eggs are very cute too, for some of them I used a wet on wet technique and you can learn more on how to create that look in this past post. Click HERE

The lamb cookie has been one of the most challenging cookies for me. It has been a bit difficult to decorate the face, but I think this time I really like it!!

The Bunny cookies are so sweet as well, and this time I decided to decorate the back of a a very fancy bunny!!

 And this bunny face cookie was my daughter's favorite, and by the way I have to thank her for being my editor since many post ago, thank you Anilu!!!!!

I hope you will have a wonderful Easter with all your loved ones!!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Año nuevo, 2016

Le doy gracias a a Dios por darme la oportunidad de comenzar un año mas junto con mi familia y con salud., si ya se que estamos en Febrero pero hasta ahorita tuve la calma de poder ponerme a escribir.   Cada vez mi vida se  pone mas ocupada y tengo muy poco tiempo para hacer mis galletas y compartir con todos ustedes ideas nuevas.  Este pasado Diciembre estuve muy ocupada haciendo galletas de Navidad para mis clientes leales de The Cookie Couture en Etsy.  

Me da tanta alegria poder seguir haciendo galletas para casi las mismas personas cada año y que mis galletas sean una tradicion en sus familias y que cada año creen nuevos recuerdos, eso es lo MAXIMO para mi!!!  Gracias a todos Ustedes por su apoyo!!!

Es increible como el tiempo se va tan rápido y ya pronto empezaremos con las preparaciones para el dia de San Valentin.  La foto de arriba son galletas que hice el año pasado se las comparto unas para que les llenen de inspiración!!

Las siguientes galletas son perfectas para es día de San Valentin

que esta a la vuelta de la esquina, espero que te también te inspiren!!

 Me gusta que ademas de deleitar a tus amigos con unas deliciosas galletas, también puedes escribir mensajes en tus galletas y así matas dos pájaros de un solo tiro, como lo puedes ver en las siguiente galletas. 

Es espejo es una de mis galletas favoritas!!! es muy sencilla de hacer y la verdad que se ve super bonita y a todos les va a encantar!!

Las paletas de corazón no pueden faltar, son super fáciles de hacer y se ven muy bonitas!!!

 No puede faltar una galleta de "LOL",  LOVE OUT LOUD!!! Esta que explota de amor!!!

Las palomitas mensajeras son también muy fáciles de hacer y por tantos años han sido mensajeras del  AMOR!!!

Estas palomitas ya están listas para llevar estos mensajitos de AMOR y son especialmente para todos Ustedes!!!!

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