Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Let's get Physical....and Chemical

For a long time I have asked my husband ( Food Engineer ) that if he can order a precipitate glass and a measuring tube to make this post, but  I saw this set of measuring cups, I felt in love with them!!! 
And my inner Chemist start to flourish again, I love Chemistry and Biology, not sure if I have told you this, I  have a degree in Food Biochemistry Engineering, sounds very very very fancy, but is like being a chef with an hard hat.  I loved college and all that I learned, but being a WIFE and a MOM tops it all!!

It is really amazing that in the kitchen every time we prepare something a lot of Physical and Chemical reactions take place. You can find here, the recipe, and tutorial for the royal icing :  Royal icing

You can use google translate.

I am very precise and I like exact measurements and things like counting weird numbers or looking at a line dissolving in the icing and counting from 1 to 30 is not my thing. 

 And these measuring cups are exactly what I was looking for and I hope will be helpful for all of you. 

If you want to commercialize a product in a factory, you have to be very careful of the amount of ingredients you will add to your batches, if not.... you will loose your job. 

Ok.... Let's get physical....the Chemical part is very interesting as well, but I am not get in to detail, because many many reactions happened when you do your royal icing, and when you dilute it as well.

The important part is really how much water you will need to get the right consistency you are looking for. 

To decorate cookies you need 3 different consistencies most of the time, one to make the  border of the cookie
 ( medium consistency ), another one to flood the cookie ( fluid consistency) and one to make details ( firm consistency)  like flowers,ribbons, etc.

Our starting point will be the firm royal icing. 

This is easy, you just follow the recipe and there is no way to fail.

To make your medium consistency, you need a consistency similar to a toothpaste; soft but not runny, you will use this one to make the outline or border of your cookies, they will  make a barrier for your flooding icing.  For this one you will need  1oz of icing  plus 1/4  teaspoon  of water. 

Remember that you have to start adding water little by little, it could be a little less or a little more.

To make the flooding icing you will need more water, obviously, and the consistency you will need will be like heavy cream.

For 15 ml of firm royal icing you will need 3 ml to form a fluid or flooding consistency icing. 

When I am going to decorate a cookie I like that the outline icing and flooding icing marry together so you can see a smooth surface. 

So, let's put it all more clear:

Medium Consistency:

 For 1 cup of firm royal icing  you will need 6 teaspoons of water.

Flooding Consistency:
 For I cup of firm royal icing  you will need 10 teaspoons of water. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ginger less bread house

My apologizes... I do not know why did I did that  this post appear with no instructions, I think I forgot to save it...oops!!!

O.k. here are the instructions again!!

Last winter I had the chance to made a lot of Christmas cookies, but I haven't get the chance to make the post for the tutorials, so little by little I will be sharing them with you!!

I know it is still July, but in a blink of an eye, we will be setting our ovens to 350  F and preparing Christmas cookies, so I hope this tutorial will inspire you!!

You will need:

*  Foolproof Cookie recipe
*  Ginger bread house cookie cutter
*  Jolly Rancher candies
*  Firm royal icing
*  Mortar
*  Pastry bag, coupler and decorating tip #3
*  m& m's
*  Candy canes or other candies to decorate
*  Bake trays
*  Parchment paper


1)  Prepare your cookie dough, click here for the recipe: FPR

2)  Cover your tray with parchment paper.

3)  Crush your candies using  a mortar to form tiny candy pieces.

4)  Cut out the pieces to build you house.

5)  Put the candy crushes on the window holes and in one door.

6)  Bake at 350 F for 15 minutes, you have to bake some extra minutes than you do for your regular cookies, you want to be sure your cookies are golden and not soft.

7)  Let them cool in the tray for some minutes, and carefully peel them out from the paper.

8)  Prepare your firm royal icing and put it in a pastry bag with tip #3.  Click here for the instructions: FRI

9)  Using your royal icing as glue, build your house and let it dry for some 20 minutes, before you start decorating it. 

10)  I decorate this house in a very simple way, I want that the focal point will be the stain glass window.

I hope you can see better the stein glass effect, in this picture you can not appreciate it very well, but it is truly beautiful!!

I put an electric candle inside and use it as a little lamp in my kitchen, I think this house will be a lovely gift for a dear friend. 

I will try to make a real ginger bread house soon and share it with you!!

FPR= Foolproof Recipe

FRI= Firm Royal Icing

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Galletas de fresa coqueta

Como ya se han dado cuenta me encanta agregar grageas a casi todas las galletas que hago, se me hace una forma muy fácil de agregar carácter a alguna galleta, ya sea para un efecto de tercera dimensión o simplemente para darle un toque original. 

Me encantan las fresas y estas galletas son muy faciles de decorar.


*  Cortador de fresa

*  Masa de galletas favoritas

*  Royal Icing en consistencia firme y fluida

*  Color de chefmasters en Tulip red y americolor en leaf green

*  Manga pastelera, cople y duyas #2 y 

*  Mini grageas de color amarillo claro

*  Palillo de madera   


1)  Hornear tu galleta y dejarla enfriar

2)  Preparar el royal icing  medio fluido en color rojo, utilizando el color rojo tulipan de chefmasters; el icing rojo es un color un poco difícil, necesitas usar un gel de color de buena calidad y para que te de un rojo intenso tienes que poner bastante gel.   

3)  Preparar royal icing firme en color leaf green y ponerlo en una manga pastelera con la duya # 

4)  Preparar un poco de royal icing fluido  blanco y negro para los ojos. 

6)  Rellenar la galleta con royal icing medio fluido en rojo y espolvorear las mini grageas para que parezcan las semillitas de las fresas. 

7)  Inmediatamente después de poner las mini grageas, con el palillo tomar un poco de icing blanco y marcar los ojos de la fresita como se muestra en la figura utilizando un palillo de brocheta y jalando el icing hacia arriba para formar una gotita. Click aquí: Puedes ver el tutorial de como utilizar los palillos.

8)  Para la parte central del ojo, la nariz, boca y pestañas utilice royal icing negro.

9)  Para hacer sus ojitas utilize la duya # 68 de Ateco, me encanto como se ve, parece un peinado de salon de belleza. 

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